Bara - Our Queen

Born February 23, 2018

Bara Bara is the most recent addition to our catery, she joined ourt family in 2018. Bara is refined and poised, and enjoys spending time with both her new cat and human family. Her coat is black with lovely chocolate tint.

Bara's Pedigree


Zara - Our Queen (retired)

Black Smoke Torbie
Born July 12, 2016

Zara Zara came to our catery in 2016 and competed as a kitten in Spring 2017. She has a dynamic personality and loves to play.

Zara's Pedigree


Melanie - Our Queen (Retired)

Brown Black Classic Tabby
Born February 12, 2010

  • TICA Champion
  • Best Siberian Classic Tabby in NW Region (2010-2011)
  • Second Best Siberian Kitten in NW Region (2010)

MelanieMelanie is from our first litter here at Snowy Kitten (her mother is Elza). She has attended two shows with success, but prefers staying home.

Melanie's Pedigree


Artemis - Our Queen (Retired)

Brown Black Mackerel Tabby
Born December 12, 2010

  • TICA Double Grand Champion
  • TICA Best Siberian of The Year NorthWest Region (2012)



Artemis is from our second litter. She received great success at shows, which she enjoys attending as well.

Artemis' Pedigree

Photos: Photos, also look for 'Valentina' on The Count of Monte Cristo photos

Elza - Our First Queen (retired)

Blue Mackerel Tabby
Born August 24, 2008

Elza Elza is our first breeding cat. She comes from Wild Taiga Cattery in Czech Republic.

Elza's Pedigree @ PawPed